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F150 Ford

F150 Ford

When it comes to pickup trucks, Ford is undoubtedly one of the market leaders. Ford has been making pickup trucks since 1917 when it rolled out the Model TT Truck.

Today, Ford pickups are capable of carrying payloads that are more than 2000 pounds with some even surpassing the 4000-pound mark.

However, with Ford producing multiple pickup truck series, you may wonder which one is best for personal use.

The rest of this article highlights four of the best light-duty Ford pickup truck series for personal use in 2021.

What are light-duty pickup trucks?

As per US truck classifications, light-duty pickup trucks are those which have a maximum gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 8,500 pounds.

The GVWR is a figure which represents the higher limit of the total weight that a vehicle can safely carry. It includes the weight of the vehicle, fuel, passengers, and cargo.

Light-duty pickup trucks are especially useful for day-to-day personal/family use, as well as carrying out light hauling tasks.

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ford f 150 truck

There is a reason the Ford F-150 has held the positions of America’s best-selling vehicle in and best-selling pickup truck for 39 and 44 straight years respectively.

Indeed, Ford sells around 900,000 F-150 sales every year.

So, why join the F-150 club?

First, the F-150 series provides customers with the option of selecting from 8 different models, also known as trims. These include the F-150:

  • XL
  • XLT
  • Lariat
  • King Ranch
  • Platinum
  • Limited
  • Tremor

The F-150 series also includes the Raptor, a model that has built a reputation for being a high-performance vehicle that does not compromise on comfort and aesthetics.

Apart from having 8 different models, the F-150 also comes at affordable and competitive prices.

The price of the base model of the F-150, the XL, starts at $29,290. On the other hand, the most luxurious trim, the Limited, starts from $73,000.00.

how much can ford f150 tow

The ford f150 with the help of certified hitches can to up to 14,000 pounds.

What to expect.

If you opt for an F-150 pickup truck, you can expect the following:

  • 10-speed automatic transmission
  • A towing capacity of up to 14,000 pounds
  • A payload capacity of up to 3,325 pounds
  • 5-6 seat cabin
  • Both 4×2 and 4×4 drivetrains available
  • 6 different engine options including V6, V8, turbo diesel V6, and full hybrid V6
  • 290 Horsepower

ford f150 vs ranger

If you are looking for a pickup truck that is slightly smaller than the F-150, then the Ford Ranger is one of the most suitable.

The Ranger is available in three trims:

  • XL
  • XLT
  • Lariat

Unlike the F-150 which has 6 engine options, all Ford Ranger trucks come with a standard 2.3 liter EcoBoost inline-four engine.

Apart from that, Ford Ranger trucks have:

  • 10-speed automatic transmission
  • A towing capacity of up to 7,500 pounds
  • A payload capacity of 1,860 pounds
  • 270 Horsepower
  • Both 4×4 and 4×2 drivetrain options
  • 4-5 seat cabin

Although the Ford Ranger is smaller and slightly less powerful than the Ford F-150, it is more fuel-efficient.

Additionally, the Ford Ranger is easier on the pocket, with prices starting at $25,070 for the base model and $33,160 for the most luxurious model.

Ford Maverick Series

Among the new pickup trucks, Ford is introducing to the market in 2022 is the Ford Maverick.

The Maverick is smaller than the F-150 and Ranger. However, the one thing that distinguishes it most from the Ranger is its spacious and more comfortable cabin.

The small nature of the Maverick will most likely make it a hit with city dwellers that need a small but reliable pickup.

If you opt for a Maverick, you can expect features such as:

  • 5 seat cabin
  • A payload capacity of 1,500 pounds
  • A towing capacity of between 2000 pounds and 4000 pounds
  • Three trim options (XL, XLT, and Lariat)
  • A standard full hybrid engine and the option of an EcoBoost engine
  • Standard 191 Horsepower although the EcoBoost engine packs 250 Horsepower
  • Great gas mileage while towing for the Maverick

Of the three light-duty trucks, the Maverick is the most affordable, with prices starting from $19,995.

Ford Shelby F-150

If you think that toughness and sophistication cannot go together, then you have not seen the Ford Shelby F-150.

Built from the body of an F-150 Lariat model, the Shelby F-150 has a horsepower of 395 with the standard naturally aspirated V8 engine.

As if that’s not enough, this pickup has the potential of reaching 775 Horsepower when using the optional supercharged V-8 engine.

Furthermore, the Shelby F-150 is more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing than the F-150. For example, its seats have leather covers and it also uses a FOX shock system which ensures a smoother ride.

The normal version of the Shelby F-150 starts selling at the cost of $103,625 while the supercharged version starts at $110,625.

It is also worth noting that the Shelby F-150 pickup truck is not a Ford company product. Instead, it is a product of the Shelby American carmaker.

However, the supply of this pickup truck is limited since Shelby only makes about 600 a year.

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When it comes to choosing pickup trucks in the ford models as you can see you are given a great number of trims to pick from.

With the history of the ford truck, most ford enthusiasts will only buy a ford when it comes to purchasing their next pickup truck.

For the lovers of the Ford pickup truck, we can rest assure that ford and the Ford pickup truck are not going anywhere soon and we look forward to what ford does next with their pickup truck in the years to come.

We hope you enjoyed this post on F150 Ford

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