Billet Grilles For Pickup Trucks

Billet Grilles For Pickup Trucks

Billet Grilles For Pickup Trucks

Having a nice billet grill for your pickup truck is something that you can do to customize your ride to not look the same as everyone else who’s driving a similar pickup like yours. With billet grilles for your pickup truck is the fast and easy way to give your ride a unique and custom look to make it stand out usually better than others.

Adding a billet grille for your pickup truck will be something that you can easily do yourself or having a dealer or mechanic install it for you if you would prefer to do that instead.

Benefits Of A Billet Grille

  • You Are Giving It More Of A Custom Look
  • They Can Endure Collisions
  • They Can Add Extra Protection
  • Reduce Bugs and Rubbish In The Radiator
  • Filtering Debris From The Raod That Will Hit Your Truck

What Is A Billet Grille

Billet Grilles are a grill that can replace your original stock grille or be placed over your original stock grill that came with your truck.

They are usually stacked bars that can go vertical or horizontal in a design to give it that custom look.

They are usually made out of three basic materials like aluminum, steel, and abs plastic.

Billet grilles can withstand heat from the engine and radiators, heat from the sun and cold elements that mother nature will send your way, and some minor impacts that can happen on your travels as well.

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Billet Grille Types

Most billet grilles come in three different types and it just depends on which one suits your budget and the design of what you are looking for in a billet grille.

They come in overlay, replacement, and inserts when it comes to the time you want to have a new billet grille.

When that time comes and you want to replace or place one over your other grille then it is just your choice on which one to go with as they can give you three different options.

The Overlay Design

With this option are you not replacing your current grille this one will just do exactly what they say overlay on your original grille.

They come with brackets, clamps, and bolts and they literally just fasten to your original grille.

When installing this type of billet grille you are reducing the time it takes to install it as you are not required to remove the other grille from your truck.

The only bad thing about the overlay is sometimes you can be noticed up close that the grille was added over the original.

The Insert Design

With this option, you’re doing exactly what you’re inserting in the central part of your grille and keeping the outside of your stock grille intact.

When doing the insert option this one will take a lot of your time to insert the grille as your going to have to cut away the center part of your grille with some kind of a power saw.

You may also have to remove some of the parts of your bumper so you can do the job correctly to remove the center part of your stock grille that came with the truck.

Before you begin the process of doing this technic and going with the insert design make sure you are capable and up for the tasks as it’s not something you will be able to do in a few minutes.

The nice thing about his design is with the insert design it looks just like it came from the factory when the truck rolled off the line.

The Replacement Design

With this option of the replacement billet grille, you’re replacing the whole stock grille that came with the truck and it a done with the factory grille produced by the truck manufacturer.

The nice thing about the replacement billet grille is it’s already designed to line up with the original bolts holes to match everything just like the stock one that came with the truck so changing it out is a lot quicker.

How To Install A Billet Grille

Tools you will need are:

  • Screwdriver
  • Ratchets
  • Sockets
  • Pillars
  • Cutting Wheel Grinder
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Allen Wrench

Disconnect the battery from the electrical system, to avoid short-circuiting.

Remove the entire front grille by disconnecting it from body clips and threaded bolts that hold the frame to it.

Some grilles may also require you to remove protective covers and other auto body parts that surround the turn signal lights and the headlights.

.Now you are ready to cut out some old grille parts using a handheld grinder to make sure there won’t be roughness around the edges after you’ve removed the old grille.

You have to cut through metal or plastic parts so that the new grille will fit in it so it can be sealed tightly.

Using the supplied mounting brackets and the other fasteners to insert the billet grille into the cut opening.

Tighten the clips to the frame of the grille through rivets or self-tapping screws.

For some trucks, you have to remove screws using an Allen wrench or a screwdriver to pull out old grille parts from the frame or their support.

A billet grille can be bolted over the original stock grille, while other types might need a mounting bracket to secure the new billet grille.

How you’ll fit and seal the new grille will depend on what type you have that you have got for your truck and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Price of a Billet Grille

Billet grilles come in all designs and materials from aluminum, plastic, and steel.

They can range from the time of this post between $60.00 all the way up to $1600.00 for your new billet grille.

When it comes to what billet grille you’re looking for then budget may just come in the way of having what you want and deciding on what is best for your pocket cost of having a new billet grille.


Billet Grilles can make a new addition to your truck, giving you that custom new look that will be distinctive to your truck rolling down the road.

Billet Grilles come in ABS plastics, Steel, and Aluminum material so depending on the billet grille and budget you have you can decide which one is best for you.

Most billet grilles come in three options of designs that you can install to your truck overlap design, replacement design, and the insert design.

If your looking to install your new billet grille yourself just make sure you are able and up for doing the job or hire someone or a dealer to do it for you.

The cost of a new billet grille can run anywhere from $60.00 up to $1600.00 just depending on the design, material, and brand you want that meets your budget.

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