Grill Guards For Trucks

Grill Guards For Trucks

Grill Guards For Trucks

  • Custom Look
  • Protecting Your Front Grill
  • Protects Your Bumper
  • Can Decrease Damage To Your Truck
  • Protects Your Front Lights
  • Gives It A More Durable Look
  • Adding More Lights

Grill guards for your truck will help protect your truck’s grill, lights, bumper, and hood of your truck. Depending on what grill you have installed aluminum or steel tubing can also help reduce the damage to your truck in a head-on accident with flying debris and small objects that may come your way.

Having a grill guard added to your truck will give it a more durable, solid, and custom look also when you’re rolling down the road in your ride.

grill guards for pickup trucks

If your looking to add some great value by having a more durable and custom look for your ride then adding a grill guard will do just that for your truck.

You can also add more lights to the front of your truck with the option of adding them to the grill guard as well.

Having a grill guard will help protect your bumper, front grille, and front lights in case you’re involved in a low-speed front-end collision with a small object or even flying debris that can come your way from the road you drive on.

Do keep in mind having a front grill guard in a high-speed accident can increase damage to your truck grill and lights as they are not designed to be a shield so the faster you drive and if you hit something, the more damage you can cause to others and your ride.

One of the main benefits that a lot of folks want to add a grill guard is if you do a lot of off-road driving, or even highway driving and you have a lot of small wildlife you will have the advantage of in case you’re involved in a head-on with a small animal of that animal not coming up over the grill on to the windshield.

Price Of A Grill Guard

The price of a grill guard can range in price depending on the material, model, and manufacturer you are buying it from.

On average the cost for a grill guard is $200.00 to up to $1500.00 or even more.

Most grill guards are made from tough tubeless stainless steel and depending on what stainless steel your getting the price can vary as well for that reason.

grill guards for pickups

You can literally put a grill guard on any truck, van, tractor-trailer, or even a small SUV and car if you like.

The nice thing about adding a grill guard today is they can make them for almost any vehicle today to add a grill guard on.

How To Install A Grill Guard

To install a grill guard you should have some general knowledge of knowing how to do it properly.

If you don’t and are not comfortable doing it your self then have a professional do it for you.

We do list the steps below for those of you who want to go ahead and do it themselves.

Please note, the directions below are for only doing an install on a basic half-ton model truck.

Installing the lower brackets onto the grille guard with the supplied manufactured hardware.

You will want to hand-tighten these brackets properly to get a good grip.

With the help of somebody with you lift the bar into place.

Make sure it’s centered on the bumper before you proceed with the next step.

Holding the brush guard into place have your helper with you mark the bumper or bumper cover.

Using a grease pencil, have them make sure they trace along the outside of the brackets as well.

Cut the marked plastic away using your die grinder and cut-off wheel so you can proceed with the next step of the installation process.

Test-fit the guard again and make sure to repeat the trim procedure until the brush bar mounts sit squarely on the frame.

Mark the bolt holes that you will be using next.

Drill out the bolt holes and slide a washer over each one so you can proceed to the next point of doing the install.

Slide the guard into the holes then another washer into place and install the proper nuts.

Sliding the top mounting brackets through your grille, lining one side up with your brush bar mount, and resting the other against your radiator core support.

Repeat the fitting, drilling, and mounting procedure for each of the top mounts, hand-tightening each bolt so they are well hand tightened.

Torque all mount bolts in place and you should be done with the install.

What Colors Can You Get For A Grill Guard

When you are ready to get your grill guard ordered or you just go to your nearest custom truck shop the colors can come in a lot of different options for you.

You can get matte black, gloss black, and chrome, and you can also match it up to the color of your ride if you don’t mind waiting for it to be ordered to match what you need.

When it comes to getting the color for your grill guard you have lots to choose from today.


Installing a grille guard is a real nice addition to your ride.

If you’re looking to add a more durable, stylish, custom look then adding a grill guard will be a nice thing to add to any pickup truck accessories you can do yourself.

Having a grill guard will help you in protecting the lights, grille, bumper, and hood of your truck from small flying debris or for those unlucky small collisions with some of those smaller wildlife accidents.

With a grill guard, you can also help to light up your road by installing more front lights on your grill guard.

Grill guards come in all shapes, sizes, and colors right down to chrome as well for those who love the chrome aspect.

You can install a grill for any size vehicle as you are not limited to any size.

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