Truck Bed Tool Boxes

Truck Bed Tool Boxes

Truck Bed Tool Boxes

If your Looking to store any tools in the back of your truck then adding a truck bed toolbox to your truck is something you shouldn’t ignore.

Having a truck bed toolbox to your truck is something that will help protect your tools from the weather and possibly thieves as well so this is one of the accessories you should really have for your truck.

The cost of any work tools today is something that is not cheap and having a toolbox is a place to store, protect, and keep your tools safe when you’re not using them and when the time comes you know exactly where your tools are when you need them.

Benefits Of A Truck Bed Tool Boxes

  • Security and Protection
  • Organization
  • Style Of Looking Professional
  • No Loading and Unloading Tools Daily

If your using your truck as a work truck on a daily basis then having a truck bed toolbox is something that you will definitely want to add to the back of your truck.

Tools today can be very expensive to not only buy but they are even more expensive to replace and have a great toolbox for your truck is something you should have.

The last thing you want to do is go on a job and noticed that someone with sticky fingers walked off with your tools by not having a toolbox for your truck.

Having a good-quality toolbox for your truck will help eliminate the worry of your tools walking away without you knowing it.

With a toolbox for your truck, they also keep your tools out of harm’s way of staying out of the elements of the weather when the weather can be really bad in some places.

If you are like most people and when you get on a job and your looking for that right tool to do it then having a toolbox on your truck will also help you be organized as well, so having a toolbox will help you in that aspect.

For those of you who depend on their truck looking great and a showpiece so others know about your business you are doing then having your truck look organized and professional looking with a toolbox will impress the clients when you roll up to that job.

When you are done for the day and its time to relax when you get home you will not have to worry about unloading those tools again when you’re done for the day, same goes with in the morning you won’t have to worry about loading up the tools to proceed for the next day’s job.

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What Is A Truck Bed Tool Box

Truck bed toolboxes are for those who need a place to carry around tools with them from job to job or to even just have handy for those minor jobs that may come and go.

There are three basic types of toolboxes for your truck top side, underbody, and crossover.

Top Side Tool Box

Topside toolboxes are exactly what they sound like they are top side from the start of the quarter panel of your truck to the other end of the quarter panel of your truck.

This type of design is the most common for most truck owners as they are easy to get access to from the side of your truck without having to hop over into the truck bed.

They are mostly hinged at the bottom making opening and closing a simple task to do so.

Underbody Tool Box

The underbody toolbox is located directly underneath your truck bed just behind the cab and in front of the spare tire.

Depending on the design you can have two of these underneath your truck from side to side.

If you are thinking about this design just make sure that you are mounting them properly with the correct brackets underneath your truck for a secure installation for them.

Crossover Tool Box

The crossover toolbox is the most common when it comes to adding a toolbox to your truck.

They are usually 3 inches higher than your truck bed and sit in between the two-quarter panels of your truck bed and can fit a lot of different types of tools to carry around.

Crossover toolboxes usually come with a big hinged opening and even can come with some drawers that can also accommodate those other smaller hand tools and supplies you may need to carry around.

Truck Bed Tool Boxes Made From

They can be made from aluminum, stainless steel, and plastics are the most common ones to get today.

The aluminum toolboxes are great and most practical as they are very light, durable, and non-corrosive for the areas that people live with lots of different weather that comes their way.

With the stainless steel toolboxes, they are also noncorrosive as well but they are heavy and can be very expensive.

If budget is something that you have to work with and you’re just looking for something that is not so pricey then you can also go with the plastic ones as well and they can be a very dependable option for you.

Installing A Tool Box

Installing a toolbox to a truck today is pretty simple as most of the newer trucks today already have the holes pre-drilled on the truck bed of the truck.

You only have to remove the plastic caps from your truck bed and it’s a pretty quick installation process for your truck toolbox.

Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your truck toolbox and it should be a pretty easy installation for you.

Price Of A Truck Bed Tool Box

Depending on what model, brand, and material you want for a truck bed toolbox the prices can be very different for what you need or should get.

The prices can range from $250.00 to up to $1500.00 for a toolbox it all comes down to what material you’re looking to buy in a toolbox.

Maybe you’re looking for a plastic one or a stainless steel one, or you’re going to go with the aluminum toolbox, this really comes down to you on what do you want to add to your truck for the purpose you need it for.


Truck Bed Tool Boxes are a great addition to your truck if you’re looking for an accessory to store and carry around your tools on a daily or weekly basis.

With a truck bed toolbox, you can store your tools out of the element of the weather and protect them from rain, snow, sleet, and hail to keeping stored in a dry place.

Having a truck bed toolbox also give your tools an added way of protection from those sticky fingers that may walk by when you’re not looking and protect your tools from a thief.

You can get a truck bed toolbox in all shapes and sizes as well as the typical three materials of aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic.

Depending on how much of a budget and durability you’re looking for in a truck bed toolbox you can find the best one to match your needs.

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