The Pickup Truck Nissan : What You Need To Know

Truck Nissan

Pickup Truck Nissan

Putting in mind the features of a truck Nissan, it stands out as the best multifaceted and feasible truck.

The idea of purchasing a new truck to satisfy your transportation needs is the noblest an individual can have.

It requires critical thinking and the input of extra effort to acquire knowledge about the truck models available in the market and make an informed decision by choosing the right model according to your intended use.

The Nissan Pickup Trucks are used in ferrying cargo, transportation of people, and hauling trailers.

What a Pickup Truck Nissan is

Nissan Pickup Trucks are mainly in three models: the frontier, the novel TITAN, and the TITAN XD.

The pickup truck Nissans are the best in the American market, highly versatile on roads and ideal for road trip adventures.

The features are special in each model as stipulated below:


It is a tough and durable truck among the best models in America with a five-year guaranteed Warranty.

Special features are:

  • An eight feet truck couch
  • A keyless remote control with automated ignition
  • A USB connection
  • 5.6 liter 32-orifice V8 motor with 7-speed automated conveyance
  • Bluetooth sound system and radio
  • Large screen exhibition of 7 inches
  • An aid in climbing hills
  • Automatic text messaging assistant
  • Four glass and four container receptacles
  • A Traction Control System in line with the Vehicle Dynamic control

The Kings cab has additional features like the back door notification system and a privacy mirror while the Crew cab has power back side windows and a 60/40-cut bench back seat with a middle flip-down armrest.


It is the most economical pickup with affordable pricing and size.

The special features include:

  • A 2.5-liter conduit motor with 152 hp and 171ib towing capacity and a 281 lb-feet cabin crew towing capacity
  • A system that keeps the tire pressure in check
  • A 7-inch touch screen exhibition
  • FM radio and a USB CONNECTION
  • An irradiated steering-wheel-mounted sound and drift controls
  • A system to keep the tire pressure in check (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)
  • A storage system beneath the second-row seat
  • Unabridged ladder frame that is completely boxed
  • Accessible 5-speed mechanized transmission
  • 15 inch 6-spoke inter-terminal wheels


It is the best model that makes good use of technology and great driving force.

It also has a 5 years warranty offers mercenary incentive programs to competent clients.

Its special features include:

  • 13-inch front and back revealed disc brakes
  • An aid to climbing hills especially at the start
  • Moisturized tailgate aid
  • A vinyl surface that enhances easy cleaning
  • A hand-operated column shifter
  • 5.6-liter 32-valve V8 motor with 7-velocity mechanized transmission
  • 18 inch modified steel wheels with all-times tires
  • An automated entry with a push-button start
  • 14 inch back and anterior vented disc brakes
  • Discretionary Cummins and Aisin 6-speed mechanized conveyance

Titan XD has an additional king cab of four more glass holders, anterior privacy glass, 6.5 feet truck underneath, and two back door pockets.

The Crew cab on the other hand has extras of power back windows, a 60/40 cut bench rear couch with a middle flip-down armrest, and two extra glass holders.

Towing Capacities

The towing capacities vary depending on the specifications of the model.

The frontier has a maximum towing capacity of up to 6,720lbs, the titan model with a11, 040lbs maximum towing capacity, and lastly the Nissan titan X with a 2,450 pounds payload capacity on the higher end, a gooseneck towing capacity of 11,000lbs and 10,880 lbs hitch towing capacity.


The pricing of the pickup truck Nissans varies depending on the manufacturer and the model.

The Nissan frontier has varied prices like $28,240 for the Frontier S King, $29,120 for the Frontier SV, and up to $38,940 for the Frontier Pro4X Crew Cab 4×4.

The Titan XD pricing is based on the five trim levels S, SV, PRO-4X, SL, and the Platinum Reserve.

S goes at $45,500 on the lower end, SV at $49,000, PRO-4X at about $56,000, SL at $59,500 and finally the Platinum Reserve that retails at $62,500.

The Nissan Titan retails at a price range of between $36,950 on the lower end and $59,680 on the highest end.

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When it comes to the Nissan Pickup Truck you are given a great variety of trim models and power trains to choose from.

You can start with the base model small pickup truck up to the more off-road and luxury options they can offer you.

With the Nissan brand, you can also be rest assure of the 5-year warranty they offer you as well.

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