How Much Does A F150 Weigh

How Much Does A F150 Weigh

How Much Does A F150 Weigh

If you’re in the market for a half-ton truck, you may be wondering how much a Ford F-150 weighs. The answer depends on the model year and configuration of your truck, but the average Ford F-150 weighs about 5,100 pounds.

Let’s take a look at the specifics behind how much an F-150 weighs.

What Factors Affect The Weight Of An F-150

There are several factors that can affect the weight of an F-150.

First and foremost is the model year. Older model years tend to weigh less than newer models due to advances in construction technology.

Beyond that, there are also several other factors that can play into the overall weight of an F-150 including cab size, bed length, engine type (V6 or V8), and whether or not it has four-wheel drive.

The Base Weight of the Ford F150

The base weight of the Ford F150 is 4,070 lbs for the usual work truck trim models and 5,700 lbs for the higher-end trim level of the F150.

This is calculated by taking the total curb weight (the vehicle with all standard equipment, full fluids, and a 150 lb driver) and subtracting any factory-installed options that may have been added.

This includes items such as an aftermarket trailer hitch or additional cargo box accessories. Keep in mind that this varies from model to model and year to year.

If you are adding options like crew cab 4-door models and added features like 4-wheel drive then yes you are going to get into the close to 6000 lb range for this truck.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is different from curb weight and takes into account more than just the base weight of your truck.

It also factors in any cargo you are carrying inside or outside of your truck (including passengers), plus the tongue load from any trailer you are hauling.

The GVWR is determined by the manufacturer based on safety standards and can vary depending on which trim level you choose.

For example, a 2020 Ford F150 XLT Super Crew has a GVWR of 6,500 lbs while an XLT Regular Cab has a 6,050 lbs GVWR rating.

Other Factors to Consider When Determining Your Truck’s Weight

There are other factors to consider when determining your truck’s overall weight including what type of fuel tank it has (regular vs extended range).

Larger tanks add more weight to your vehicle so keep this in mind when shopping for your next one-ton truck!

Additionally, if you plan on adding aftermarket accessories like suspension lift kits or running boards these will add additional weight as well so be sure to factor those into your calculations too!


Figuring out how much a Ford F150 weighs can seem complicated but it doesn’t have to be!

By taking into account both the base curb weight plus any additional cargo or accessories being added to your vehicle you can easily find out how much your new F150 pickup truck will weigh before making any final decisions about purchasing it!

The weight of an F150 can vary depending on the specific model, trim level, and options selected.

However, on average, a Ford F150 weighs between 4,200 and 5,100 pounds.

It is important to keep in mind that the weight of a truck can impact its performance, fuel efficiency, and safety.

So it’s crucial to consult the manufacturer’s specifications and consider the intended use of the vehicle before making a purchase decision for your next F150 truck.

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