How Far Can A Truck Go On A Fuel Tank

How Far Can A Truck Go On A Fuel Tank

How Far Can A Truck Go On A Fuel Tank

Trucks aren’t famous for their fuel efficiency, but there’s a lot of variation out there.

Some can squeeze more miles out of a tank than others.

The average truck might get roughly 560 miles on a full tank, though some may fall closer to 345 miles.

Here’s the breakdown of what makes the difference and how to improve your truck’s mpg:

Why Does Truck Fuel Economy Vary?

  • Driving habits: Hard acceleration, heavy braking, and high speeds all burn more fuel.
  • Weather: Cold weather makes engines work harder, reducing mileage.
  • Weight: Heavier loads (from cargo or towing) make the engine work harder.
  • Vehicle condition: Poor maintenance (worn tires, clogged filters, etc.) hinders efficiency.

Get More Miles Per Gallon

Here are the simplest ways to maximize your truck’s fuel economy:

  • Drive smoothly: Easy acceleration and braking save fuel. Maintain a consistent speed and use cruise control on highways.
  • Plan your trips: Minimize short trips where the engine doesn’t fully warm up.
  • Lose the extra weight: Remove unnecessary gear from your truck bed.
  • Keep up on maintenance: Oil changes, tire checks, and regular tune-ups help your truck run its best.

Don’t Forget…

If fuel economy is a major concern, consider:

  • Truck model: Newer trucks often have better gas mileage than older ones
  • Engine size: Smaller engines generally use less fuel

Cheers to Better Mileage!

By understanding your truck and adopting some smart driving habits, you can get more out of each tank of gas.

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FactorHow it Affects Mileage
Driving HabitsAggressive driving (acceleration, braking, speeding) wastes fuel
WeatherCold temperatures make the engine work harder, reducing fuel efficiency
WeightHeavier loads put more strain on the engine, burning more gas
Vehicle ConditionPoor maintenance leads to inefficiencies (clogged filters, tire pressure, etc.)
TipHow to Do It
Drive SmoothlyAccelerate gently, brake gradually, use cruise control on highways
Plan TripsCombine errands, avoid short trips where the engine doesn’t reach optimal temperature
Reduce WeightDon’t carry unnecessary cargo in the truck bed
Maintain Your TruckFollow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule (oil, filters, tires, etc.)


  • U.S. Department of Energy – ( Offers official fuel economy data for a vast range of vehicles, including trucks. Search by year, make, and model to find specific MPG ratings and estimated range.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): ( Provides information on fuel efficiency standards, emissions testing, and may have resources specific to truck fuel economy.

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