Best Gas Mileage Midsize Trucks 2024: Your Guide to Efficiency and Savings

Best Gas Mileage Midsize Trucks 2024

Best Gas Mileage Midsize Trucks 2024

In these times of fluctuating fuel prices, every penny saved at the pump matters.

When you need the ruggedness and capabilities of a truck without sacrificing your budget on gas, midsize trucks offer the perfect answer.

The 2024 lineup promises excellent fuel economy while delivering the functionality you need. Let’s break down the most fuel-efficient midsize trucks for 2024.

The Unstoppable Ford Maverick: Hybrid Dominance

The 2024 Ford Maverick continues its reign as the undisputed fuel economy champion of the midsize truck segment.

Its standard hybrid powertrain delivers an incredible EPA-estimated 25 mpg combined.

That translates to fewer stops at the gas station and more cash in your pocket.

The Maverick isn’t just efficient – its versatile bed and comfortable interior make it a truly practical daily driver.

Hyundai Santa Cruz: Style and Savings

The 2024 Hyundai Santa Cruz blends car-like comfort, smooth handling, and surprisingly great fuel economy.

It offers a standard non-turbo engine achieving up to 23 mpg combined and an optional turbocharged engine for those seeking extra power.

With its unique styling and comfortable ride, the Santa Cruz stands out in a crowded market.

Ford Ranger: A Proven Choice

The redesigned 2023 Ford Ranger (carrying over into 2024) delivers a balanced package of power, capabilities, and fuel efficiency.

Its available turbocharged four-cylinder engine offers impressive acceleration while still hitting up to 23 mpg combined fuel economy.

Whether you’re commuting to work or exploring off-road trails, the Ranger is a reliable pick.

Chevrolet Colorado: Workhorse Efficiency

Known for its ruggedness and dependability, the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado (and the likely similar 2024 model) offers solid fuel economy for a work-and-play truck.

Expect up to 22 mpg combined from its available four-cylinder engine.

With multiple engine choices and capable off-road trims, the Colorado remains a versatile option.

The Contenders: Don’t Overlook These

  • Honda Ridgeline: Delivers unibody construction for car-like handling and up to 21 mpg combined.
  • Toyota Tacoma: Known for its reliability and resale value, it offers up to 21 mpg combined.

Beyond the MPG Ratings

Remember, your actual mileage will vary based on driving style, terrain, and truck configuration. Additional factors to consider when choosing a fuel-efficient midsize truck include:

  • Engine Options: Smaller turbocharged engines often provide a great balance of fuel savings and power.
  • Hybrid vs. Gas: For maximum fuel economy, hybrids are the undisputed leaders.
  • Drivetrain: Two-wheel drive (2WD) usually offers better mileage than four-wheel drive (4WD).

Get the Most Out of Your Miles

No matter which fuel-efficient midsize truck you choose, adopt these savvy driving habits for maximum savings:

  • Smooth Acceleration and Braking: Harsh maneuvers burn extra fuel.
  • Tire Pressure: Maintain proper tire inflation for better rolling efficiency.
  • Reduce Cargo Weight: Extra weight puts more strain on your engine.

The Smart Choice for Savings

If you’re in the market for a new truck, don’t let fuel costs break the bank.

These fuel-efficient midsize trucks for 2024 will take you farther for less while conquering daily commutes or weekend adventures.


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