What Truck Can Tow 36 000 Pounds

What Truck Can Tow 36 000 Pounds

What Truck Can Tow 36 000 Pounds

Find out what pickup trucks you can tow up to 36,000 pounds and how to get maximum payload.

The Below list is only if the truck is equipped with a gooseneck trailer and properly equipped.

  • F350 Superduty
  • F450 Superduty
  • F550 Superduty
  • Ram 3500
  • Ram 4500
  • Ram 5500
  • Chevy Silverado 3500
  • GMC Sierra 3500

On the hunt for a truck that won’t back down from big loads?

Look no further – this guide has all the advice you need to find your perfect 36,000-pound towing powerhouse.

From key factors to consider when choosing one of these mighty trucks through top tips on honing in on what fits best with your needs, we cover it all!

The RAM 3500

The first on our list is the RAM 3500.

This beast of truck fuel power and performance with its incredible towing strength boasts an impressive capacity for hauling up to 36,000 pounds.

On top of that monstrous ability comes the hefty 7,680-pound payload – you won’t have any trouble bringing your cargo where it needs to be!

This pick-up truck can take its passengers and cargo confidently anywhere they need to go with its 6.7L high-output Cummins engine that produces 1,075 lb-ft of torque, making towing a breeze.

The Ford F-450 Super Duty

The second truck on our list is the F-450.

This truck is a big hitter and a favorite among truck enthusiasts for its 36,000-pound maximum towing capacity.

The F-450 achieves this through its V8 Power Stroke engine which delivers a best-in-class torque of 1200 lb-ft.

This truck is built to haul heavy trailers, ranging from fifth-wheel trailers to large cargo carriers.

The Chevy Silverado HD 3500

At number three is the Chevy Silverado HD 3500.

This vehicle is a titan of power and strength, boasting an incredibly powerful 6.6L V8 Duramax turbo-diesel engine that generates up to 445 hp and 910 lb-ft of torque – enough for it to tow extraordinary loads reaching all the way up to 36,000 pounds!

Choose between 2WD or 4WD depending on your hauling requirements: nothing can hold you back with this beast in town.

The GMC Sierra 3500

In the fourth position is the GMC Sierra 3500, which is identical to the Chevy Silverado, but with GMC’s brand-specific namesake.

Like the Silverado, the GMC Sierra 3500 is also available in two engine variants.

Looking for power under the hood? Pick from two potent options to fulfill your need for speed.

The 6.6L V8 gas engine churns out 401 horsepower, while its diesel counterpart amps up the action with a roaring 445 horses at command!

The Ford F-350 Super Duty

When it comes to dependability, the Ford F-350 Super Duty reigns supreme.

Boasting a 6.7L Power Stroke V8 diesel engine and an impressive max tow rating of 40K pounds when properly equipped, this truck is perfect for all your heavy lifting needs – from weekend trips with the family boat in tow to ensuring work projects are completed without any hiccups!

Know Your Numbers

When it comes to towing heavy loads, knowing your numbers is essential.

When you decide to go off-road, there are a few key points of understanding that can mean the difference between an adventurous weekend and a disaster.

Knowing your GCWR (the weight limit for both truck and trailer) and GVWR (maximum weight just for the truck itself) is essential in avoiding any overload misadventures!

To tow 36,000 pounds, you’ll need a truck with a high enough GCWR to handle the weight of your trailer plus the weight of the cargo inside it.

When driving a truck, it’s important to make sure your vehicle has the capability of safely transporting large items.

Look for Heavy-Duty Trucks

For those looking to tackle their toughest hauling needs, the answer is clear: heavy-duty trucks!

Ready and able to carry serious weight with ease, these beefy behemoths are essential for anyone in need of reliable transportation.

From work sites to weekend tasks – no job is too big when you’ve got a heavyweight on your side!

These trucks are specifically designed for heavy towing and have stronger frames, suspension systems, and drivetrains than lighter trucks.

Look for models like the Ford F-450, Chevy Silverado 3500 HD, and Ram 3500, which are all excellent options for towing 36,000 pounds or more.

Check Your Trailer

It’s not just your truck that needs to be up to the task of towing 36,000 pounds – your trailer needs to be compatible too.

Make sure your trailer is rated for the weight you’ll be towing and that it’s equipped with a compatible hitch and brake system.

Every trailer outing starts with one essential task – getting your vehicle prepared!

Take a look at the tires, brakes, and suspension of your towing rig – not only will you want them in top-notch condition for hauling that extra weight, but also for peace of mind on any open road.

Consider Your Driving Needs

When choosing a truck to tow 36,000 pounds, it’s essential to consider your driving needs.

Don’t buy the wrong truck because you may end up feeling frustrated later on.

When shopping around, take into consideration your typical driving conditions and what kind of performance you need – kicking it off with hills or mountains.

Look out for a rig boasting serious horsepower beneath that hood as well as impressive torque; don’t forget comfort either!

If long roads will be in abundance, going green can save money – opt for an engine that sips fuel instead of guzzling it.

After narrowing down those must-haves, securing just the right ride is easy!

Don’t Forget About Safety

Towing heavy loads can be dangerous, so it’s crucial to prioritize safety when choosing a truck.

Look for models that come equipped with safety features like trailer sway control, electronic stability control, and a backup camera.

Before you get behind the wheel of a full-size truck loaded with up to 36 000 lbs, make sure your skills are up to snuff and that you’ve taken all necessary safety measures for hauling heavy loads.

Don’t forget – careless driving can spell disaster!


Looking to tow a heavy load?

You’ll want one of these five trucks – they reign supreme in the market and are sure to help you get through any tough hauling task.

They are powerful and capable of towing 36,000 pounds, making them the right choice for those who require such immense towing capacity.

Whether you are hauling large cargo trailers, livestock trailers, or flatbeds, these trucks have got you covered.

Choose carefully – find one tailored to your budget, aesthetic, and requirements so it can hold up against whatever load your project might require.

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