What Pickup Truck Has The Biggest Bed Size

What Pickup Truck Has The Biggest Bed Size

What Pickup Truck Has The Biggest Bed Size

If you’re towing a fifth-wheel trailer, finding a pickup truck with the right combination of power and bed size is crucial.

The right truck will not only haul your trailer with confidence but also provide the space you need to take everything with you.

Not All Truck Beds Are Created Equal

Truck beds come in a variety of sizes to suit different needs. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Short Beds: Typically around 5.5 to 6.5 feet long. Best for everyday driving and lighter hauling.
  • Standard Beds: Approximately 6.5 to 8 feet long. A good compromise between hauling capacity and maneuverability.
  • Long Beds: Generally 8 feet or more. Ideal for serious work and oversized cargo.

Why Bigger Might Be Better for Towing

With fifth-wheel towing, a larger truck bed often provides several advantages:

  • Stability: A longer wheelbase (distance between front and rear axles) enhances stability, especially when hauling heavy loads.
  • Capacity: More space means you can carry everything you need for your adventure without making multiple trips.
  • Flexibility: A large bed gives options for adding toolboxes, extra fuel tanks, or other gear to suit your specific needs.

Top Contenders for Maximum Bed Size

If you want the absolute biggest bed for your fifth-wheel rig, look to the heavy-duty truck segment. The leaders in this category include:

  • Ford Super Duty (F-250, F-350): Known for spacious beds and impressive capabilities.
  • Ram 2500/3500: Offers a mix of luxury and ruggedness.
  • Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 2500/3500: Plenty of power and user-friendly technology.

Choosing Your Perfect Hauler

Here’s how to narrow down your selection for the best fit:

  • Set Your Load Limits: Know the weight of your fifth-wheel trailer and your cargo. Ensure the truck you choose can safely tow and haul it.
  • Think Beyond the Bed: Consider engine options, towing packages, and interior features for a well-rounded truck.
  • Prioritize Your Needs: Is payload capacity more important to you than raw length? Do you value off-road capabilities for getting to remote campsites?
  • Read Up: Check out expert reviews and owner feedback for real-world insights.

Make an Informed Decision

Ford F150 Bed Size

King RanchKing Ranch

Chevy Silverado Bed Size

Chevy Silverado Bed Size: Short BedChevy Silverado Bed Size: Standard BedChevy Silverado Bed Size: Long Bed
Cargo Box Area Height – 22.40 inCargo Box Area Height – 22.40 inCargo Box Area Height – 22.40 in
Cargo Volume – 62.90 cubic feetCargo Volume – 71.70 cubic feetCargo Volume – 89.10 cubic feet
Cargo Box Width (Floor) – 71.40 inchesCargo Box Width (Floor) – 71.40 inchesCargo Box Width (Floor) – 71.40 inches
Cargo Box Width (Wheelhousings) – 50.63 inchesCargo Box Width (Wheelhousings) – 50.63 inchesCargo Box Width (Wheelhousings) – 50.63 inches
Cargo Box Length (Floor) – 69.92 inchesCargo Box Length (Floor) – 79.44 inchesCargo Box Length (Floor) – 98.18 inches

Ram Bed Size

RAM 1500 Bed Size: 5-foot 7-inchRAM 1500 Bed Size: 6-foot 4-inch
Length: 67.4 inchesLength: 76.3 inches
Width: 66.4 inchesWidth: 66.4 inches
Depth: 21.5 inchesDepth: 21.5 inches
Total Storage Volume: 53.9 Cubic FeetTotal Storage Volume: 61.5 Cubic Feet

Titan Bed Size

Nissan Titan Bed Size – King CabNissan Titan Crew Cab Bed SizeNissan Titan XD Bed Size – Crew Cab
Bed length – 78.7 inchesBed length – 67.0 inchesBed length – 78.7 inches
Bed depth – 20.8 inchesBed depth – 20.8 inchesBed depth – 20.8 inches
Bed width (maximum) – 63.8 inchesBed width (maximum) – 63.8 inchesBed width (maximum) – 63.8 inches
Bed width between wheel wells – 50 inchesBed width between wheel wells – 50 inchesBed width between wheel wells – 50 inches


Choosing the right pickup truck is an investment.

By understanding your towing needs, the different bed sizes available, and the key features of the top contenders, you’ll end up with a truck that’s ready for any adventure.

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