how much does a truck weigh

How Much Does A Truck Weigh

How Much Does A Truck Weigh

How much does a truck weigh as you know they come in all shapes and sizes and they all have different characteristics to what they can do.

The evolution of the Truck.

Let’s explore below what is so unique about every truck that is on the road today.

For those of you who are just wondering how much a lightweight truck weighs from a half-ton to a one-ton and up to a semi truck then this is what you should know.

how much does truck weigh

When it comes to the weight of a truck you can always be sure that these machines will weigh a lot no matter how big or small they are from a pickup truck all the weigh up to a semi truck.

how much does a pickup truck weigh

The weight of a truck without cargo or passengers is called the curb weight.

For example, many 2020 half-ton pickups have curb weights on average of 5500 lbs.

These quarter-ton pickups have a curb weight on average is about 6000 lbs.

how much does a 1 ton truck weigh

Now the 1-ton pickup on average is about 7000 lbs.

With small work trucks, you can have multiple types of small work trucks from one-ton trucks to those trucks you see in your neighborhoods doing delivery of small parcels and they can be on average of 10,000 lbs up to 14,000 lbs.

For example Delivery Trucks, and Small Mini Buses.

Medium Size Work Trucks

With medium size work trucks, you looking at trucks that are doing bigger jobs like for example Bucket Trucks you see for those workers doing cable installs at your home or even City Delivery Trucks, and Larger Walk-in Trucks for delivery.

These trucks weigh in at anywhere from 16,000 lbs to 19,500 lbs.

Large Medium Size Work Trucks

With the large medium size work trucks, you are looking at trucks that are doing jobs like for example single-axle trucks like Beverage Trucks, Rack Trucks, and single axle School Buses.

These trucks weigh in at 19,501 lbs up to 26,000 lbs.

Large Work Trucks

These types of trucks can be all types all trucks for example Semi Small trucks, Fuel Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Tow Trucks, City Buses, and Furniture Trucks.

They can weigh in at anywhere from 26,001 lbs up to 33,000 lbs.

Extra Large Work Trucks

Now, these trucks are the biggest truck that you can put on the road for commercial trucks and are mostly dual axle trucks at the rear some can be 3 axle trucks.

They can include for example Fire Trucks, Semi Tractor Trucks, Fuel Trucks, Dump Trucks, Tour Buses, and Cement Trucks.

These big trucks can weigh in at 33,001 lbs and over.

As you can see there are literally lots of different-size trucks out there that you can appreciate for their size and weight.

Ford is also one of those manufacturers who also makes a truck that is called the F450 super duty that weighs in at a curb weight of 8600 lbs.

Dodge makes a 4500 chassis is about on average 8100 lbs.

Dodge makes 5500 chassis that weigh in on average 8489 lbs.

When it comes down to what you need a truck for and what’s going to be the reason you need a truck you should really do your research as truck weights are for a reason.

  • What you will be towing
  • What you will be carrying
  • How much fuel you will be consuming
  • What is the right truck for the job whether it be for work or play

So when you’re going to the dealer to pick out your truck make sure the weight of the truck you’re going to buy is great for the job you going to be doing.

If you only looking for a truck to haul a fifth-wheel camper to the campground I would strongly recommend you not buy a half-ton truck to do that job.

I would at least get a 3 quarter ton or 1-ton truck to do this as who knows what hills on your journeys you’re going to climb with your truck.

You will also notice some charts below for the different weight classes of all trucks.

Vehicle Class By Weight

truck weigh graphic

Vehicles By Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings

truck weigh ratings


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