How Much Weight Can A Pickup Truck Carry

How Much Weight Can A Pickup Truck Carry

How Much Weight Can A Pickup Truck Carry

Well, if you have a pickup truck, then you might be wondering how much weight it can hold. And when you look at trucks, the common terms are half-ton, quarter-ton, heavy-duty, and more, which classify its capabilities.

So, what does this mean, and what is the maximum weight for your truck.

Carry or Pull?

The difference between towing capacity and payload capacity is very simple.

Payload is the maximum number of pounds the truck can carry, while towing capacity is the maximum pounds the truck can pull.

Important Terms

Before we head to the load capacity of your vehicle, you should note the following important terms:

Truck Payload Capacity – This is the maximum weight you can safely pack to your truck besides its empty weight.

Towing Capacity – This is the maximum amount of weight the truck can carry besides other present cargo and dry weight.

What is GVWR

These are initials for the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and it helps to protect your truck from damage.

Most trucks have this feature imprinted on their sidewall, especially on the driver’s side door. If you don’t find this figure, then you may need to check the owner’s manual.

The GVWR considers the capacity of the truck based on the driver, cargo, and passengers.

The U.S government has also put trucks into categories based on what they can carry.

Class 1 are the trucks that weigh 6000 pounds, and they go up to class 8, which weigh more than 33,000 pounds.

Using this classification, you can identify the type of your track and its load capacity. And as the GVWR of your vehicle increases, so does the load capacity.

What is GCVWR

Most truck owners usually confuse GCVWR and GVWR, but that should not be the case.

GVWR is an initiative for Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating, and it helps you find the towing capacity.

What is the Curb Weight

The curb weight of your truck is its empty weight; that is when it has no drivers, passengers, or load.

The curb weight is essential when determining the towing capacity and the maximum payload of your truck.

Since the empty weight of the truck forms a large component of the GVWR, figuring it out will help you calculate the additional load the truck can accommodate.

How to Calculate the Weight your track can carry

The truck’s load capacity is calculated by the difference between its gross weight rating and the gross combined weight rating when you are pulling a trailer.

Also, you need to know the curb rate for you to find the vehicle’s payload capacity.

Knowing the load capacity of your truck is vital as you will not want to overload your vehicle. It is dangerous for you and other road users, and each truck has its payload capacity.

how much weight can a pickup truck hold

For those with a half-ton pickup, the vehicle can comfortably carry up to 1000 lbs payload on its truck bed.

On the other hand, a ¾ ton pickup can accommodate a 1500 lbs payload, and a 1-ton truck can accommodate a 2000 lbs payload.

But if the pickup has a fifth wheel, then this capacity will reduce.

Types of Trucks and their Load Capacity

Half-Ton Trucks

These trucks are basic trucks that are used to carry furniture and other light items.

Since the average household has about 1000 lbs of items, these trucks will help you when moving items like clothing, furniture, and beddings.

Half-ton vehicles are also very powerful and common among moving companies.

Whether you want to move some junk, furniture, or move to another town, it’s your ideal partner.

¾ Ton Pickup Trucks

This is an all-purpose truck that is helpful when going to the office or driving around town.

However, its load capacity is higher, and it can haul loads even totaling 1500 lbs. It is ideal for hauling loads of sand or towing small trailers.

For instance, it can carry up to 8 refrigerators or one moose.

how much weight can a 3500 truck carry

These trucks are also referred to as heavy-duty pickup trucks. They have high power and can carry up to 2,000 lbs.

Are ideal for farmers or construction farmers who usually haul heavy cargo. It’s the best truck when you have to carry heavy items like numerous sofas or one compact car.

They can also towboats, horse trailers, or even fifth-wheel trailers and anything else that weighs 2,000 pounds.

Some of the items which weigh 2000 pounds are 3 grizzly bears and 13 sofas.

how much weight can a box truck carry

The payload for one of these box trucks is 10,000 lbs for a 26 footer and a GVWR is 26,000 and the weight limits are in place for safety to protect everyone on the road.

Why Are These Numbers Important

Calculating the towing capacity and your truck’s payload is important when you want to carry some items with the vehicle.

If you fail to secure the cargo and trailer securely, you will encounter many challenges on the road.

Besides, when you look at accidents from 2011-2014, over 100 deaths and 9,000 injuries were debris-related incidents.

This is because improper securing of the cargo or exceeding the truck’s carrying or towing capacity will apply excess pressure on the vehicle engine, suspension, and transmission.

This can cause accidents or even lead to damage to the vehicle.

Therefore, to ensure your vehicle remains in the best condition and avoid injury to other road users, you need to maintain the loading and towing capacity.

This will also help you avoid crashes, and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has mentioned that it’s the leading cause of accidents in the US.

If your vehicle gets damaged while it is hauling or towing on the road, then contact your auto repair shop for their services.

They will diagnose the vehicle and repair any problems as soon as possible to ensure it remains in the right condition for years.


Calculating the load capacity of your vehicle is very important, and you will find cargo tarps and nets handy when carrying smaller loads.

But when carrying larger ones, you will need accessories like a ratchet strap and nylon rope.

Also, tie the cargo following an X-shape pattern, and for enhanced protection from debris or dust, you will need a good cargo cover.

After you tie the cargo using a tarp, you will need a cargo net to keep it firm.

A ratchet strap ensures your cargo remains on the floor, and the net prevents them from flying out.


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