How Much Weight Can A 3500 Truck Pull

How Much Weight Can A 3500 Truck Pull

How Much Weight Can A 3500 Truck Pull

It depends on several factors such as engine size, transmission, and towing package. However, this will give you a comprehensive breakdown of what you should keep in mind when considering how much weight a 3500 truck can tow.

The towing capacity of a 3500 truck is influenced by various factors, including the engine choice, rear axle ratio, suspension, and available towing packages.

Engine Size

The size of the engine is one of the most crucial factors that determine how much weight a truck can pull.

Generally, the bigger the engine, the higher the towing capacity it can handle.

In the case of the 3500 truck, the available options for engine sizes are the V8 gas engines or a V8 diesel engine options that come with lots of horsepower and torque to do the job.

The Cummins diesel engine can provide the highest towing capacity (up to 37,090 pounds), making it an excellent choice for heavy-duty towing.


The type of transmission is just as important as the engine size when it comes to towing capacity.

For the 3500 truck, you have an option of either the six-speed automatic transmission, the AISIN HD six-speed automatic transmission, or the GM will have the 10 Speed Allison Transmission for 2024.

The AISIN is the more robust transmission of the two and can handle heavier loads.

Towing Package

The towing package on your 3500 truck can significantly affect its towing capacity.

It comprises various features such as a Class IV receiver hitch, trailer brake controller, tow/haul mode, diesel exhaust brake, and rear auto-level air suspension.

Together, these features can improve the truck’s overall towing ability and make towing safer and more efficient.

It’s crucial to understand that the towing capacity of a truck depends on various factors.

The weight of the truck itself, the engine, transmission, and axle ratio are all essential contributors.

However, all of these factors interact with each other, resulting in nuanced differences between models and brands.

Generally, a 3500 truck can tow between 17,000 to 35,000 pounds.

However, the exact limit depends on how the truck is configured as we mentioned above the Cummins can tow up to 37,090 pounds when properly equipped.

Axle Ratio

The axle ratio of your truck is another crucial factor to keep in mind when determining how much weight it can pull.

The axle ratio will determine the amount of torque applied to the wheels and will impact the towing capacity.

Typically, a higher axle ratio will result in a higher towing capacity.

For example, a 3500 truck equipped with a 6.7L engine and an axle ratio of 4.10 can tow up to 35,100 pounds.

Payload Capacity

Truck buyers sometimes forget that the towing capacity should not exceed the vehicle’s payload capacity.

If the payload is maxed out, then the truck’s towing capacity is compromised, making it unsafe for you and your cargo.

Therefore, it’s critical to take into account the truck’s payload when determining how much weight a 3500 truck can pull.

Size Of Towing Hitch

Another factor that impacts the towing capacity is the type of hitch installed on the truck.

The standard hitch size for a 3500 truck is 2 inches, which can handle a maximum weight of 12,000 pounds.

If you need to tow heavier loads, then you might opt for a fifth-wheel or gooseneck hitch.

A fifth-wheel hitch can handle weights up to 30,000 pounds, while a gooseneck hitch can handle up to 37,000 pounds.

Weight Distribution

The weight distribution of the trailer that you need to tow also plays a crucial role in determining the towing capacity of a 3500 truck.

Most trailers have a tongue weight between 10-15% of the total weight.

It means that if the load you’re carrying weighs 20,000 pounds, the tongue weight will be between 2000-3000 pounds.

If you exceed this limit, the load will become unstable, and it could cause safety hazards.

The overall driving conditions and terrain will also determine the towing capacity of your 3500 truck.

Towing heavy loads on hilly terrain will put much more strain on the truck’s engine than flat terrain.

You need to keep this in mind while choosing your 3500 truck’s towing capacity and ensure that the truck is capable of towing the weight you need it to.


When it comes to towing capacity, there is no universal answer to “how much weight can a 3500 truck pull?”.

The weight capacity is affected by a range of factors, including the truck’s engine, transmission, axle ratio, hitch, weight distribution, 4-wheel drive or 2-wheel drive, short bed or long bed, and also cab configurations.

The rules and weight specifications for trailers are also critical to ensure that you don’t exceed the maximum capacity.

Still, with all that being said, 3500 trucks are some of the most robust vehicles out on the market, and you can be confident that your truck is more than capable of handling any load that you need to tow around.

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