Truck Window Visors For Your Truck

Truck Window Visors For Your Truck

Truck Window Visors For Your Truck

If your looking for a way to keep the weather out of your truck like rain, snow, sleet, and hale then adding window visors to your truck is going to do just that.

One of the benefits of having a window visor is to offer you a chance to get fresh air into your truck without letting the bad weather in at the same time.

They also can add a nice custom look as well.

Let’s go over the benefits of having a Truck Window Visor to your ride and go over all the details of what shapes and sizes they come into and how easy it is to install them yourself.

  • Aerodynamic Styling and Custom Look
  • Keeps Weather Out While Driving
  • Great Way To Get Fresh Air While Driving
  • Offer A Great Way To Keep Truck Ventilated While Parked
  • Cuts Down On Wind Noise But Doesn’t Eliminate It Totally

truck window visor

The benefits of having truck window visors are very specific for those who are looking to add those window visors to their ride.

Installing Truck Window Visors is great for giving you that cool custom looks while giving you aerodynamic styling at the same time.

If you rolling down the city street or moving down the highway you can keep out the rain, snow, hail, and sleet while you’re driving down the road without distraction from the weather coming in your windows.

The other nice thing about a window visor is it can offer you the opportunity of having fresh air into your ride while driving.

If you’re going to the job site or going to the nearest place to shop for all your needs then you can have a way to ventilate your ride and keep it cool inside when the weather is screaming hot on the outside.

For those folks who do a lot of highway driving, you can have the opportunity of having fresh air from outside without all the excess wind noise you would have without the window visors installed on your ride.

window visors for trucks

There is a couple of different truck window visors you can place on your truck for installation.

The tape on visors and the channel visors can offer you a choice to add to your truck.

With the tape on visors, they are taped on the outside of your window and do just that tape on and they often stick out a little more than the channel visors.

The channel ones do just that they are installed into the channel of your window and they do give you a tighter and low profile look to them that we think are much better for that clean neat look.

Wind visors also give your truck a more of an aerodynamic design and are known to reduce the drag of force around your ride as well. They do this by redirecting the airflow around the cab.

Installation Of Truck Window Visors

It really is pretty simple to install window visors to your ride.

If you have a flathead screwdriver you pretty well are good to go and install your window visors.

For the channel window visors, you just are required to install the visor into your window channel and most depending on the manufacturer or design they mostly just have an adhesive tape that you will stick up into the channel and allow them to take hold.

Most of the time it is up to 72 hours to get a solid bond for your window visors.

The same goes with the tape on the type on the outside of your window, they do require at least 65 degrees (F) to make them work.

truck window visors

You can literally get all kinds of the styling of window visors to your ride.

From dark smoked colors to lightly tinted colors, the mirror looks one as well, chrome-look style, to the point of getting them ordered to match or almost match the color of your ride.

With so many styles and colors to choose from today for any truck window visors, I’m sure you will have no problems finding what will work best for you in style.


Truck Window Visors can add a real nice custom look to your ride while offering all the benefits of being able to roll down the city, highway, or dirt roads to keep the elements out.

Having the option of having your window down some to eliminate the weather like snow, sleet, rain, or even hale out of your ride while driving is a nice option to have.

If you’re looking to also have the chance of keeping your ride a little cooler when you parked in the blistering heat you can do this by being able to keep your windows down a little to let all the hot air stay out.

When it comes to style you will have no problem finding the style that meets your needs and the colors you want to add that extra added touch to the look of your ride.

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