Truck Cap For My Truck

Truck Cap For My Truck

Truck Cap For My Truck

Should I get a truck cap for my truck is usually one of the first accessories that a truck buyer has in mind to add to their ride.

Truck caps can provide you with all kinds of benefits of protecting your stuff from the weather, thief, and camping as well.

Having a topper to your half-ton, 3/4 ton, or 1-ton truck will also give it a more custom look also. Let’s compare the good and the bad for a topper for your truck.

Truck Cap Benefits

There are literally lots of benefits when it comes to having a truck cap and I’m going to share some of those with you in this post as well as some of those non-benefits for having a truck cap topper for your truck.


One of the benefits of a truck cap is thief of the stuff you’re going to be carrying around.

If your looking for peace of mind this is one of those things that you can add to your ride and have a safe place to have stuff that you need to be carried around on a daily basis.

For those of you folks who need your truck for work and carrying around a lot of equipment and tools then having a truck cap will offer you a place to lock them up for those times, you need to not worry about having things open for viewing.

Maybe you stopping at a place for lunch, or you are at a job site and your going to leave your ride alone for some time having a truck cap will be a great addition to making sure you have a place to protect your stuff from a thief.

Protection From Weather

Another benefit of having a truck cap for your ride is to have all your stuff in the back and not have to worry about the weather and worrying about your gear getting ruined in the back of your truck bed.

If it’s raining, snowing, or just blistering sunny outside with the UV rays beaming down you can rest assured your gear in the back will be in a safe place from those elements that mother nature will bring.

When you’re done for the day you won’t have to worry about rushing home and unloading all that stuff out of the back of your truck as you are not worried about being home or unloading that stuff for the night as with the truck cap you’re protecting your gear day and night.

Saving Fuel

Bet you didn’t really think when you were thinking about adding a truck cap that was on your mind.

Well having a truck cap on your ride will just do that you can save on fuel as it helps to reduce the drag and will boost your fuel efficiency.

With the fuel, you’re going to save over the next 5 years you will probably pay for the cost of the truck cap depending on its lower-end model of course in price.

truck cap for camping

For those of you who are into going off-road, you can have the chance of stopping on your favorite trail and you got yourself a place to camp for the night.

You can use your truck bed and having a truck cap over your truck bed can be used for a place to sleep for the night and it becomes your very own camping truck with just a couple of minutes to get ready.

Truck Cap Non-Benefits

Well as with the great benefits of having a truck cap there are also non-benefits as well when it comes to a truck cap topper.

Limited Cargo Height

When it comes to cargo height you are limited to how high your cargo can be so making sure what kind of cargo you’re going to carry around is something you must make sure you will be able to do.

Truck Caps can come in all shapes and sizes and most folks do get those truck caps usually the same height of their cab, but you can get truck caps higher than that as well, oh buy the say if you’re talking a commercial truck cap they can be a lot higher as those types can be walk-in of course.

Removing and Reinstalling

Removing them and reinstalling them on your own can be tough as they are too heavy and awkward to do on your own most of the time for most folks.

If you’re only add a noncommercial truck cap they range between 175 lbs to 190 lbs depending on the model and manufacturer.

They are so awkward and tipsy that you risk scratching or denting your ride trying to do it yourself without any help.

Takes Up Space

When you’re not using your truck cap you will need to store it then placing it in your garage or storage shed can take up a lot of space for other things that you can place there.

Maybe you just want to leave it outside on your property again it can take up a lot of unnecessary space for other things.

Now, these are not anything close to making you not want to buy a truck cap as the benefits far out weight the non-benefits so I just thought I would list them for you anyway.

Types Of Truck Caps

There are literally hundreds of truck caps for those folks who just need a truck cap for their everyday half-ton truck for leisure, right to those folks who need a truck cap for commercial work.

If your looking for the basic truck cap for the half-ton truck then a regular truck cap is just what you need for having a truck cap to store stuff in the back like cargo, equipment, and for those other precious things you want to protect with peace of mind.

If you looking for a truck cap topper for those folks who need a place for working and storage for commercial use, you can get a topper that is a high rise or walk-in as well.

With the commercial type of truck caps, they are usually walk-in toppers and you can also get the high rise for added headroom inside.

For the commercial truck cap toppers, you can also get the one that has the side windows as well for easier access to the truck cap.

truck caps
truck fiberglass space cap

truck cap for f150

If your thinking about putting a truck cap on your F150 then by all means do so as this will literally make your F150 stand out even more with the proper truck cap for your f150 and if you can see if you can get it color coded to match.

how much do truck caps cost

The cost of a truck cap is generally pretty close to stay competitive, but you can look at a little under $1000.00 for an aluminum and you can also double that price for some other truck caps as well, it really depends on what your options will need.

truck cap manufacturers

There is a large list of truck cap manufactures and they all do a great job in doing so here is a list we think you will like.

  • Leer
  • Travel Top Truck Caps
  • A.R.E
  • ATC
  • Ranch
  • Century
  • Raider
  • Unicover


Now all of these truck caps depending on which one you are looking for can all have different prices of course so let’s compare, shall we.

The price of a regular truck cap, for example, a half-ton truck can run you anywhere depending on the manufacturer can run you $1200.00 to $1800.00 installed, and again this is an estimate.

The price for a commercial truck cap topper can run you between for example the truck fiberglass space cap anywhere from $2500.00 and up depending on the model and options you want.


Truck caps have so much to offer you in looks to customize your ride and give it the large SUV look, and also give you the added peace of mind when it comes to other uses of having a truck cap.

You can have a truck cap for lots of purposes from storage, thief, and protecting your stuff from the elements of the weather as well.

If you looking for a way to carry your gear and equipment, and not have to worry about unloading your stuff after a hard day’s work or just out having fun you can rest assured to not worry anymore.

When you are looking to buy that next truck cap just remember the benefits and non-benefits if you looking for cargo height for example.

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