How Heavy Is A Truck Bed

How Heavy Is A Truck Bed

How Heavy Is A Truck Bed

There are literally all kinds of sizes of truck beds, any truck bed can be between 400lbs and thousands of pounds depending on what size of a truck bed your talking about.

Truck beds can be from a half-ton truck all the way up to a tractor-trailer flatbed.

So how heavy is a truck bed can range in all weights and sizes.

How Heavy Is A Truck Bed

How Heavy Is A Half-Ton Truck Bed

Most half-ton truck beds are pretty close to the same weight if you’re talking about the same length of a truck bed.

There are literally all kinds of lengths that you can get today with your half-ton truck when you are ordering the truck that needs to be specific for you.

They range from a 5-foot box all the way up to an 8-foot box or even longer.

When it comes to the weight of a truck bed for a half-ton truck you can be anywhere from 190 lbs with an all-aluminum bed to up to 1000 lbs for the nonaluminum bed and don’t forget about the tailgate as well as that will put your truck bed weight up also.

So yes a truck bed for a half-ton truck does range in weight.

This weight of the truck bed can usually start pretty close to the same weight for a three-quarter ton and 1 ton if you talking about the factory one that comes with your truck.

How Much Does A Truck FlatBed Weigh

Now, these truck beds can be a very big difference in weight as your talking about truck beds that are designed to carry heavy loads.

Trailer TypeAverage Empty Weight (lbs.)Empty Weight Range (lbs.)
Large Flatbed Trailer3,000500 to 7,700
Dump Trailer4,5001,100 to 10,100
Large Travel Trailer6,7004,500 to 8,700
Gooseneck Flatbed Trailer7,2004,700 to 10,400

How Much Does A Tractor Trailer Truck Flatbed Weigh

When it comes to this flatbed for a tractor-trailer they can be close to the same weight as the average for example 53-foot trailer weight below.

Most of these flatbeds for a tractor-trailer weight in at about 11,980 lbs in weight anything more than that would be cutting into the weight a truck would be able to carry.

With those big rigs, they are only allowed to carry so much weight down the road for their total gross vehicle weight, so you don’t want a flatbed trailer to weigh more than the load to carry as I said, they make their money with the weigh they are moving.

Truck Beds And Uses

When it comes to truck beds they can come in all shapes and sizes and they also can come in different materials like steel, aluminum, and even wooden truck beds.

You got truck beds for half-ton trucks to 1-ton trucks all the way up to tractor-trailer truck beds.

When it comes to just a truck for leisure or a truck to do a job they can come in all kinds of different options for you.

Truck beds come in just regular truck beds for those who are just buying a regular truck for example a half-ton truck.

You can get truck beds for utility trucks that you would see on the road for those who are needing a truck bed for those folks into the trades this could be for the use of tools to haul around to maybe even having generators or transporting small equipment from a job to another job site.

There are also those custom-made platform truck beds made out of wood that you will see for those folks who are looking to make sure their regular truck bed won’t get damaged.

So they get a custom wood one made and when they sell the truck they attach the other bed back onto the truck and remove the wooden one and their resale is better with the regular truck bed back on with no damage.

Whatever the job you have or need a truck bed for I’m sure you will find a truck bed that will suit your needs.


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